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Academy of Food and Wine Service

Trinity Court
34 West Street

Tel: 020 8661 4646
Fax: 020 8661 4647
Email: actws@acfws.org
Website: www.acfws.org

Nick Scade Chief Executive
Sophie Brown, General Manager



The Academy of Food and Wine Service was founded in 1988 to assist employers raise the standard of professionalism in restaurants and bars by recognising the business benefits of training. Since its foundation The Academy of Food and Wine Service has grown to be nationally recognised as the industry's leading voice for raising awareness and promoting professional food and wine service standards. With the growth and changes in the food and wine service market the role of training and its importance is constantly being redefined. The Academy's approach is to develop modern flexible programmes in partnership and cooperation with leading industry operators. The result is a focus on education to deliver outstanding customer service. And good service means improved profits and results. If you are committed to providing your customers with the highest possible service standards you simply cannot afford not to join the Academy.

Our mission is:

  • to identify, promote and maintain the highest professional standards for the education and training of Food and Wine Waiting staff and Bar Assistants in the UK Hotel, Restaurant, Catering and Bar Industry.
  • For every practising Waiter/Waitress, Wine Waiter and Bar Assistant in the Industry to be a member of the Academy their professional body.
  • To gain greater recognition for these operatives throughout this Industry by accreditation, badging and recognition.
  • To help members develop, maintain and advance their knowledge, skills and ability by creating ongoing events such as Seminars, Tutorials, Awards and Competitions.
  • To provide an interface between educators, service staff and their employers.
  • To enhance member's career prospects.
  • To offer suppliers a platform on which they can present their wares profitably, efficiently and in style to the members for mutual benefit.

Why should you join?

Through its structured self-study or group-led "on the job" training programmes, employees are encouraged to further their careers by attaining nationally recognised vocational qualifications in food, wine and bar service and hence their first professional body certificate.

The Academy's approach to wine service training is now providing a benchmark for developing a Europe-wide standard.

A national network of regional officers enables proprietors and managers to hold local events and tastings, offering their service staff further opportunities to develop skills and product knowledge.

The Academy seeks to raise the public profile of restaurant service as a profession equal to that of other craft skills, by organising the UK Sommelier of the Year competition besides other national and international events.

Membership of the Academy is open to individuals, establishments and large corporations

President: Rt Hon The Viscount Thurso MI FHCIMA
Chairman: Jeremy Rata MI


As the professional UK body it represents, and encourages the training and recognition, of waiters, waitresses, wine waiters and bar staff in line with nationally recognised occupational standards and qualifications.


Developing a membership in several categories, by recognising prior achievements, by examination and/or subscription.

Educating and entertaining the membership by arranging Tutorials, Seminars, Awards and Competitions.


A lapel badge and professional certificate

A regular update - 6 times a year - of topical issues, including latest government initiatives, in our Table Service publication

Access to a national network of Colleges, Tutors, Mentors plus telephone helpline advice on all educational and training matters

Preferential prices for the Academy training packs for Food, Wine, Bar Service and Meetings of Events

Opportunities to gain professional qualifications and career advancement.

A UK network of Academy members

Opportunities to meet and learn from industry experts.


Customer service standards are enhanced

Staff motivation level and retention increases

Selling technique improves and turnover rises.

Recruitment should ease

For further information look at our website www.acfws.org